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I bought this for my mom. She’s 85 years old and it was a struggle to sit down on toilet. She loves it. It’s very sturdy and well designed.
Brenda Wilson

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5″ Portable, Raised Toilet Seat with Padded Handles


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An easy to install bathroom safety solution

An easy to install bathroom safety solution, the raised toilet seat securely attaches to any standard or elongated toilet seat providing 5” of added height.

Contoured Design with Padded Handles:

Constructed with a durable composite material that supports up to 250 pounds, the seat is contoured to provide safe and comfortable elevated seating. Removable handles are padded with a soft foam that provides a secure nonslip grip for added stability when lowering or rising from the seat.

Easy Tool-Free Installation:

Installs on any standard or elongated toilet bowl without removing the existing seat. The raised seat securely attaches with an adjustable knob and rear wings for added stability.

Portable, Durable and Easy to Clean:

The durable raised toilet seat can be wiped down with regular household disinfectants or sanitizing wipes and does not interfere with regular cleaning of the toilet bowl. Easily portable, the seat riser is lightweight with removable handles.

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Fits all standard toilets

raised toilet seat for handicapped
raised toilet seat elongated with arms
raised toilet seat portable
    • Item Type: Raised Toilet Seat with Handle Bars
    • Material: Plastic, Aluminum
    • Size: 18.5 x 23 x 10 inches
    • Color : White
    • Weight: 8.65 lbs / 3.9 kg
    • Package Includes: Toilet Seat, Support Arms


  • Elevated/Raised toilet seat is elevated 3″ to make sitting and standing easier and the heavy duty aluminum support arms provide even more security for users with an ergonomic design and placement of hand grips to better support themselves and body weight.
  • Innovative shield under the ring keeps content in the bowl and is easy to clean unlike other raised toilet seats or risers. Wide, comfortable ring designed to eliminate pressure points has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • Seat is securely fastened with innovative Secure system (installation tool included) to eliminate concerns about falling.
raised toilet seat with handles
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What is a Toilet Seat Raiser?

A toilet seat raiser provides the elderly, handicapped, disabled and those recovering from injury or surgery with reliable support and safety to help them sit and get from the toilet easily and conveniently.

What are the benefits of having a Toilet Seat Raiser?

Seat height is increased/elevated by 3″ to ease sitting and standing without bending for those with limited mobility from back, hip or knee issues.

Seat is securely fastened with Snap 2 Secure system (installation tool included) to eliminate concerns about falling.

How do you install the Toilet Seat Raiser?

Installing the Raised Toilet Seat is extremely easy.

The installation requires NO tools. Simply attaches the toilet safety frame to any toilet bowl with an adjustable knob in front and rear wings for extra stability and safety.

The toilet seats hardware kit allows easy installation and removal on almost every toilet in seconds. This padded raised toilet seat can be easily wiped clean with standard disinfects

Is this safe?

Built for safety and functionality in mind, this toilet riser is engineered with heavy-duty, lightweight and easy to clean molded plastic that supports up to 250 pounds. Provides you with safety and support when using the bathroom. Sturdy handles

Will it fit in my toilet?


The elevated toilet seat fits most standard or elongated toilet commode.

Provides secure, reliable, elevated fit for standard toilets.

Assembly is Quick and Easy as 1-2-3-4!

Remove Product from The Carton

Remove product from carton and Read All Instructions Carefully before attempting to install product.

Assemble The Handles

  • Place one handle at a time into the tubes on the raised toilet seat.
  • To remove the handles depress the brass buttons while pulling out on the handles.

Note: Handles are marked for right and left.

Remove the Existing Toilet Seat

  • Remove existing toilet seat and lid from toilet.

Note: For most toilets you will need to reach behind and underneath toilet to unscrew the nut while holding screw with screwdriver (not included).

Add the Seat Elevator

  • Position toilet seat elevator on rim of toilet bowl and center.
  • Place original toilet seat and lid on top of toilet seat elevator with holes lined up.
  • Use screws provided to attach original seat, lid and toilet seat elevator to bowl. Secure with nuts provided.
  • Check for secure fit routinely before using product.

Note: User’s weight should be centered over toilet seat.

Comfort that matches safety

Its smooth, seamless, contoured seat is designed with a wider surface for added comfort and stability. It includes a front recess for easy reach-in and an anti-slip feature and locking mechanism that secures the seat firmly in place.

Raised toilet seats are a simple way of minimising excessive bending and over-balancing for those with limited mobility.

To get the perfect position, your knees and hips should be at the same height when sat on the toilet seat.

A seat that is too low can be uncomfortable and more difficult to stand up from.

1. Measure the distance between trhe floor and back of the thigh, just behind the knee. This is the recommended seat height.

2. Measure the current height of the seat, and subtract from the first measurement.

3. The difference bewteen the two is the measurement of the raise required.

Made with heavy-duty molded premium plastic that is germ-resistant and can withstand frequent long lasting use.

Anti-slip surface, push pins and locking mechanism ensure a secure fit on the toilet bowl rim. Removable padded grab bar handrail handles ensure a comfortable grip and seamless edges provide a better sitting experience to maximize safety and security.

Easy to store or to travel with for added convenience. Contoured seat is designed with a wider size surface for added comfort, stability and peace of mind while taking care of personal necessities in the bathroom.


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